New Year, New Attitude

horizon, new day, new attitudeNo matter what your New Year resolutions are, they will certainly include needing the right attitude to accomplish those goals. It seemed everyone was looking to leave 2016 in the dust, making it so befitting to charge up those resolutions to ensure this would be a much better year. In order to do that, we need to ensure we are at our best giving us the ability to really shine. Here are some things to ponder as you make your way into 2017.

• Focus your energy. Make sure what you are doing has real value and impact on your end goal. If it doesn’t, move it out of your way.
• Take the time to nourish yourself. This is a big one. Nobody can be in high performance mode all of the time so give yourself the time to disconnect to reconnect. Your body and your brain need this.
• Celebrate your wins along the way. Nothing great happens overnight and things make take longer than you expected. That’s okay. Even setbacks help us in ways that we didn’t imagine so embrace movement.
• Self-Limitation. You will always get in the way of yourself if you allow that to happen. Listen to your voice, if it is doubting or fearful – change it. A negative voice can sabotage the best of us.
• Positivity. It will determine how you are viewed by yourself and others. The power of a positive attitude has been studied and documented. You will be happier and will have more success if you are a positive person.

Having a positive attitude can lead you to many great things and will change your life at work and at home. You have the ability to affect others so make it count. With a great attitude the door is open for great things to happen in 2017 and beyond.