More Is NOT Merrier When it Comes to Using Multiple Staffing Agencies

6 Ways Using More Than One Agency Is Hurting Your Company

You need professional staffing. It seems logical that the more staffing agencies looking for you the better right?

Not necessarily.

When it comes to using multiple staffing vendors, firms who buy-in to the more-the-merrier philosophy suffer. Expense load across the organization increases in terms of real capital, team morale, and reputation. A more serious concern: accomplishing your department’s mission is hurt by staffing practices meant to be efficient.

Consider these 6 misconceptions when it comes to using multiple staffing companies:


Myth #1: Using more staffing companies fills positions faster.

It seems reasonable that the more people you have looking, the faster you’ll find the right candidate.

But the truth is that the more staffing companies you engage, the more you are tying up your time and your team’s time. Staffing vendors feel a push to “hurry and submit,” and give you the best of the lowest hanging fruit, that is, the best of the candidates available at the moment. Unfortunately, your hurried approach just yielded you the best of the worst.

Myth #2: Using multiple staffing agencies finds the best candidate.

You’d think the wider your search is, the better the results will be in finding qualified personnel. However high your hopes were for your many staffing vendors, after a few submissions, you realize your requirements aren’t producing the right candidates. So, you communicate the changes in requirements to the agency.

With multiple staffing vendors, it’s possible those changes may not be clearly communicated to every vendor. Communication gaps continue to produce less-than-desirable results and you, in turn, suffer from more wasted time and money.


Myth #3: Using more staffing companies means better service.

It may look like a win as resumes start pouring in. Upon closer examination, however, it looks like the staffing companies are just keyword matching.

Vendors that don’t know your business, your terminology, or your projects will submit suboptimal candidates because they have no way to determine qualifications other than keyword matching. Digging through resumes of unqualified applicants drains you and your team.

Myth #4: All Vendors “vet” their candidates so it doesn’t matter if I use more than one agency.

Most staffing vendors will assure you they vet the candidates. But when a vendor knows you are working with other staffing companies, the race is on and the time to vet candidates is limited.

Candidate submissions often include terminated workers or those shopping for the best offer without any interest in your position. Sometimes candidates are not even asked permission to be submitted. Many applicants work with more than one agency as well, so you’re likely to get the same candidates from multiple staffing vendors!


Myth #5: A detailed job description will ensure the candidates are qualified.

While the resumes may come in looking good, after the first round of phone screenings, very few of them get called for a face-to-face interview. While a candidate may look good on paper, personality issues and work habits don’t show through on resumes.

If your staffing agencies are hurried to fill your positions, they often don’t vet for potential behavioral or personality issues. Using a number of staffing vendors only multiplies the problem. Lather. Rinse and repeat.

Myth #6: Using multiple vendors means I can leverage for the best deal.

Many hiring managers figure if a vendor wants to work with me, I’ll get the best deal.

Sure, the vendor will let you name the price, but you won’t be their priority.

Since your rates are lower than the company down the street with the same staffing requirement, the company down the street closes the deal instead of you. Working with multiple vendors in hopes of getting the best deal doesn’t save money and wastes time.


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