Our Approach

We have been recognized as the leader around staffing solutions for almost two decades.


Our innovative recruiting techniques allow our clients to achieve competitive advantage through people. We know that how you hire and who you hire determine the outcome of your success.


We have a unique blend of solutions that allow our clients to take advantage of a hiring model that pays dividends. We go to great lengths to ensure you have the most qualified and desired professionals in the market today.

Staffing Solutions

We have spent over a decade working with companies to bridge the gap between consulting and staffing. We know you are looking for superior performance and expertise when it comes to your projects. Projects that are managed by your team may not require the use of an outside consultancy for subject matter expertise.

Our clients are able to take advantage of a hybridized approach giving you the experts you need when you need them.

The benefit to you – availability of consultants is not determined by who is “on the bench." ETI hand selects available talent who has the experience to architect a project and help to define the resources you need. We handle the people side of the entire lifecycle of your projects, giving you and your team the ability to focus on your business and the deliverables at hand.

Extreme Technologies has been selected to work with companies on key projects with high visibility where every dollar and every minute count. In today’s world doing things right the first time is eminent.

Types of Engagements:

  • Financial

    • Strategy
    • Transformation
    • Organizational Optimization
    • Technology & Advanced Analytics
  • Energy

    • Strategy
    • Design
    • Information Technology & Advanced Analytics
    • Midstream
    • Oilfield Service
    • Health & Safety
    • Supply Chain
    • Project & Operations Management
  • Manufacturing

    • Strategy
    • Performance Improvement
    • Organization
    • Information Technology & Advanced Analytics
    • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology

    • ERP Implementation
    • Architecture & Development
    • Web, Mobile & Business Applications
    • Collaboration
    • Knowledge Management
    • Cloud
    • Security
    • Governance
    • Project Management / PMO
  • Chemical

    • Strategy
    • Transformation
    • Organization
    • Information Technology & Advanced Analytics
    • Supply Chain

Subject & Domain Experts

We boast an extensive portfolio of Subject Matter Experts (SME) that bring seasoned industry and domain experience to your projects. Our SME’s have deep functional and technical experience in the following specialties:

  • Information Technology – Vendor Agnostic or Certified Evangelist
  • Knowledge Management & Collaboration
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Other
  • Financial
  • Chemical & Material
  • Logistics & Transportation

Project Consultants

We have hundreds of vetted project consultants that have worked on a wide variety of projects across the US.

Our projects span technology and business across the industries we serve. Our goal is to provide excellence in requirements gathering and definition phase through expert delivery. From your corporate office to remote locations and offshore, our people have the experience and professionalism you need to execute.

Research, Recruit, Resource, Retain

Extreme Technologies has extensive research capabilities to ensure that when you begin critical projects that you are able to identify those who you know will deliver project with great success. Our clients have chosen our approach over traditional consultancy because you can’t always count on the consultants having the level of experience or the industry knowledge necessary for you to win. At Extreme Technologies we get involved in understanding the current structure of your team, the business drivers and the goals and objectives for the project. While you focus on delivering the project, we bring you ONLY those who exactly meet the criteria to navigate the project with finesse.

Unlike a traditional staffing company, we are not looking the first available candidates. Our network is as deep as it is wide. We have worked on projects across the US with exceptional results. Extreme Technologies looks for the “caddy’s that have played the course” before – they know how to navigate and have had the experiences to determine how to win. Because we engage early on we have intimate details around the project, domain, behavior and personality of the technology and business to ensure the selected candidates can bring excellence in collaboration, knowledge and producing deliverables that exceed the expectations of you and your team.

Staffing Solutions

Project Staffing

Project Staffing allows you to select the right consultants for every project. Most companies will engage a combination of consulting and staffing companies where they have been sold on the company and not the people. At Extreme Technologies it is only about the people.

When you engage on a project you stay involved. Your company does not give full control away – so why give any of it away? Cutting out the middle man you have access to consultants that would never have been presented to you through your traditional avenues.

Extreme Technologies can locate those who stand out amongst their peers. These candidates have specific domain and technology experience working on projects just like yours.

We will allocate the level of resources needed for large and small projects and deploy them as needed. Many of our clients take advantage of part-time resources for heavy lifting roles where the knowledge is needed in the beginning and end of the project. Other projects may require full time consultants on-site for the entirety of the project. Either way, we have you covered. Extreme Technologies handles everything for you. This approach helps you cut costs and manage the project more effectively.

Contract - Hire

Many companies are using the contract-hire option that has become widely available as a way to “try before you buy!” This is an excellent way to be sure that you are making the right decision. Extreme Technologies offers this service to our clients giving you the ability to roll over any of our contractors after they have worked 1040 regular working hours. We typically see a contract-hire in rolls that are not considered strategic hires.

Direct Hire

Hiring should be one of the most important things to your business. The wrong person can cost you more than you think. The financial ramifications of a bad hire will not only hit your bottom line, it will cause pain to your existing team impacting morale. We take this very seriously. Our clients commit themselves to hiring the best. Even in the lowest level position you need to very selective. Behavior and personality over skill-set sometimes get over-looked. You can always teach skill, but a great personality with the behavior you need in order to win – well you can’t teach that. At Extreme Technologies, we look at both with a critical eye. Knowing the hiring manager and his/her expectations along with the personality of your existing team will tell the story. Knowing who to select to interview your next hire and how you will measure the success is another key to ensuring a win.

We will help you in every aspect of your hire. We go beyond your in-house HR / Recruiter is locating the best candidates and we will outperform any vendor when working together with you to ensure you get what you want. Our fee’s and guarantee’s range on the complexity of the position and your confidence in hiring. Let’s talk about what works best for you.

Retained Search

Let’s face it. There are some positions you just can’t afford to chance. Through our Retained Search, we have placed Executives, Board Members, Technology and Domain Experts in every industry with small and large firms across the US. At Extreme Technologies you get the best research available through industry search experts and advanced technology when searching for candidates that rank “best in class”. We will identify, isolate and target these candidates specifically for your role. Our search strategy works in a couple of ways:

Research & List Building

Some of the latest trends in staffing is outsourcing the research and bringing the selected candidate data in-house for your HR / Recruiting group to develop. Companies use us to do the heavy lifting by giving us the requirements for the search. We develop the souring strategy, commit to a number of resumes of candidates that fit the role and you take care of the rest. This work is done on a time and materials basis, it is a very affordable solution if you have an in-house team! Our research team is located in the United States and have a detailed understanding of the technical and functional requirements needed to deliver exceptional candidate quality.

  • Project Staffing
  • Short and Long Term Contract
  • Contract – Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Retained Search