Using Multiple Staffing Services Is Like Multitasking and That’s Not a Good Thing

Why Working with Multiple Staffing Vendors is a Nightmare

So you are the “anointed one” in your group? You have the power to decide which staffing vendors you work with and how you with them. Depending on what you decide, your team’s opinion of you can change very quickly.

As the “anointed one,” you get the pleasure of being barraged by multiple staffing and consulting vendors. Everyone in town, it seems, is in the game: consulting companies now staff, staffing companies are a dime a dozen.

So, who to choose?

The offers, the convincing sales presentations, and yes, even the great lunches, are incentives to go with more than one staffing vendor.

However, the truth is, spreading your hiring process thin doesn’t achieve the results you’d hope. Hiring managers often find that using multiple staffing vendors produces opposite of the results they’d hoped.


Multitasking helps get more of nothing done.

A Stanford study revealed that heavy multitaskers (the ones who thought they were good at multi-tasking) were actually slower at completing tasks and had more trouble organizing their thoughts.

The same holds true when you split your own company’s attentions in staffing matters. Strategies like multitasking don’t actually save time but prove to be distracting. Anthony Wagner, one of the researchers, explains that when the test subjects were presented with multiple streams of information, they weren’t able to focus on what’s important. “When they’re in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they’re not able to filter out what’s not relevant to their current goal,” says Wagner.

The results of this and other multitasking studies are important. They teach us that so-called productivity and time-saving strategies are an illusion. The multitasking studies show that trying to focus on two tasks at once means neither task is done well.

The same holds true when dealing with multiple staffing agencies; using more than one vendor decreases ability to focus on the task at hand.

Turnover rates are already high but using more than one staffing vendor contributes to the problem.

Chances are if you’re using more than one staffing service, it’s because you can’t seem to get the right talent. According to a study by Leadership IQ, 46 percent of new hires will fail in the first 18 months. It’s not your fault that nearly half of new hires won’t work out, but it puts you and your company in the bad situation of constantly replacing employees and then replacing their replacements.


Most Staffing Agencies Don’t Have Access to the Top 20 Percent

In his book, Topgrading, Dr. Bradford Smart talks about the importance of staffing your business with top talent. Smart reveals that having the top 20% will increase productivity, revenue, and morale.

However, most staffing vendors are severely limited in their offerings. The top 20% aren’t even on the market. The candidates you really want aren’t listed on any job board, so using multiple staffing vendors is not going to find the expertise you need.

A solution is to find consulting or contract professionals who are already working. Many companies don’t realize these professionals are an option and most staffing vendors don’t have relationships with these Subject Matter Experts. By working with experts willing to contract for anywhere from a few hours to a few months, you ensure acquiring top-notch, specialized skills for the time period you need.

Is your staffing partner an expert recruiter? They should be.

You need a staffing partner to find Subject Matter Experts. But at the heart of the staffing problem is the lack of expert recruiters. Using multiple staffing services doesn’t address the challenge most companies are seeing: There is a shortage of expert recruiters. According to HR expert, Dr. John Sullivan, “As recruiting volume and difficulty both ramp up, firms will begin to realize that there is a significant shortage of talented and currently up-to-date recruiters.” This lack of expert recruiters will affect your ability to hire top talent.


Extreme Technologies provides you with the expertise you need.

Finding the right people decreases turnover and increases productivity. ETI will align your company with professional staffing resources and connect you with your next “A” players.

We bring you the candidates that you don’t see through normal recruiting channels. Our candidates are not on the job boards. You won’t find most of our candidates on LinkedIn. We completely screen our candidates and get them excited about you and your projects. By bringing a better caliber candidate to you, we save you money and time.

ETI is your professional staffing source for information technology, financial, chemical, energy, manufacturing, engineering, and automation. Extreme Technologies professional staffing solutions offers direct hires and search as well as professional project consultants and subject/domain experts for long- and short-term projects.